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Disambiguous.png This article is about the resurrect action. For the Monk spell , see Resurrect.

Colloquially abbreviated as "res" or "rez", Resurrection means to bring a dead ally back to life. Resurrection is important when playing the game because it enables a party to recover a fallen member during the heat of battle, or at the worst case, have an opportunity at disaster-recovery when the party is nearly wiped out. One of the most annoying experiences in the game is when a party survives a near wipe-out experience, only to discover that the survivors do not have resurrection skills.

Resurrection Shrines offer resurrection services in explorable areas (but not in missions) as well as in some PvP scenarios. Players and pets can also be resurrected when a mission cutscene that brings the party together occurs. Resurrection shrines can be found on the mission map in the form of an ankh symbol.

Some resurrection skills are more useful than others depending on the situation. The most popular examples are given below. Read the description and notes for each skill to find out when they are most useful.

General usage of resurrection skills[]

The most common resurrection skills are Resurrection Signet, Resurrection Chant and Rebirth.

Resurrection skills[]

Equipable Resurrection skills:

Monster Resurrection skills:

These skills prevent resurrection:

These skills affect resurrection: