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The Ancient Weapon, identical in appearance to a Resurrection Orb

The Resurrection orb is a bundle item that is present in Broken Tower, a king of the hill map in the Global Tournament. Its purpose is to revive dead team members (including pets and the Ghostly Hero). To use it, simply drop the orb and two seconds later, nearby dead team members will be resurrected, this will consume the orb. Resurrection orbs are also available in the Unwaking Waters mission, with one orb spawning behind each barrier when it is destroyed. In Alliance Battles, resurrection orbs spawn at Resurrection Orb shrines, can only be picked up by the shrine's controlling faction, respawn 30 seconds after use and disappear if the faction loses control of the shrine.


  • Orbs spawn at three points on the Broken Tower map. One on each platform just outside the three teams' starting points.
  • Orbs on the Broken Tower map respawn soon after being used, at the same place the used orb spawned at.
  • Orbs can be picked up and used by any player to resurrect their own team; orbs are not linked to a team like flags.
  • Orbs have a fairly large radius (about aggro radius), but be sure to walk into the middle of your dead teammates to resurrect as many as possible.
  • Orbs bring back team members with less than half health!
  • Orbs are the only way to resurrect a dead Ghostly Hero on Broken Tower.
  • Holding an orb will slow down your movement speed.
  • When a character holding an orb dies, they will drop the orb, resurrecting all dead teammates in range (including the holder). When this occurs in a Global Tournament however, if the holder's death eliminates the holder's team, they still lose the match and will not be resurrected.
  • Currently Resurrection Orbs are the only way to resurrect members of the allied party in the Unwaking Waters mission.
  • Unlike other Resurrection Orbs, the Resurrection Orb in Grenz Frontier is blue rather than red.