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Resurrection Shrines are a type of Control Point and exist on all Alliance Battle maps. When a party member dies, the character will have to wait 15 seconds before they are resurrected at the closest Resurrection Shrine. Resurrection Shrines can be found in the Kurzick and Luxon bases, and there is at least one other shrine on the battlefield that is capable of being captured. Resurrection Shrines are only active to an alliance when they are under their control. This can be recognized by a blue light (Kurzick) or red light (Luxon) spreading out from the shrine. When the shrine is not controlled by either alliance, it is in a neutral status and will not display any color.

Resurrection Shrines are tended to by at least one monk.

Resurrection Shrines are a key structure to capture as it can greatly reduce the time it takes for party members to regroup with their fellow members and allows a start from within the battlefield.

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