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Quest map


  1. Hunt down and kill the rhythm drinker. Retrieve its rhythm wing and return to Vasili Lutgardis.
  2. See Vasili Lutgardis for your reward.

Obtained from

Vasili Lutgardis in House zu Heltzer


Discord Wallow Lyre



"The last two instruments have been big hits! The originals alone will allow me to retire someday, fat and happy, the replicas sound close enough to the real thing that they may just change the sound of music in this region forever! And so I will be a legend... I should be satisfied. Yet these new creations have renewed something I had thought was fading. I seek one last creative challenge, and I want you to help me.
You must seek out the elusive rhythm drinker. It is no myth, but it is so sensitive to the disruption of nature's natural rhythms that is always keeps its own time. Few creatures can take it unawares, fewer still can catch it. No one can kill it, except perhaps you, a real, live myth-killer. My last, greatest creation requires a piece of this naturally occurring metronomic wonder. Slay a rhythm drinker and bring me its rhythm wing. We'll be rich! That is, even richer! I'll share it all with you, <name>, my extremely dangerous silent partner. Well?"
Accept: "You've got music, you'll get rhythm. I swear it."
Reject: "The beat stops here, Vasili. I won't do it."
When asked about quest: "Any news on that rthythm wing? The beat must go on, <name>!"

Reward Dialogue

"Well I'll be a Tengu dipped in... you did it! The rhythm drinker drum will be my crowning achievement, and I couldn't have done it without you. Now please, take this reward and feel free to make yourself scarce, would you? Battle-hardened heroes like yourself tend to unsettle the clientele."


The Rhythm Drinker can be found in Melandru's Hope. After arriving, the quest marker will point to its location. It is only level 20 and has the same skills as a regular Blood Drinker and should pose no problem by itself. Beware that there are several Dredge patrols in the area, including a patrol of two bosses.


  • The Accept Dialogue is most likely a reference to the song I Got Rhythm by Ella Fitzgerald.