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The Storm Rider, a typical Rider

Riders are magical creatures that resemble a floating jellyfish with a thorny shell, multiple tentacles, spider-like eyes and a gaping mouth below the shell. They were first unleashed upon the earth by Sybitha, a power-mad mage mentioned in the quest The Ranger's Path.


Riders tend to be very fragile physically, but also tend to be lethal spell casters. With the exception of Smoke Walkers, all riders in the game are Mesmers and a pack of more then 3 will make any party think twice as they excel in interrupts, hexing, health degeneration or energy draining, or a combination of these techniques.

On the weakness side, keep in mind that Riders ...

Items dropped[]

Riders may drop the following loot (besides gold and various weapons and items):

Trophies Rider Eyes
Crafting Materials ?
Salvage Items ?

Known Sub-Types[]

Riders can be found all over Tyria except in the Shiverpeak Mountains.


Region Sub-Species Trophy
Ascalon Mesmer7 Storm Rider Stormy Eye
Maguuma Jungle Mesmer12/17 Wind Rider Ancient Eye
Crystal Desert Mesmer20 Storm Kin Shriveled Eye
Ring of Fire Islands Mesmer24 Breeze Keeper Molten Eye
(Fissure of Woe)
Monk24 Smoke Walker Umbral Eye

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