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A Ritual is a type of skill that creates a spirit creature at the caster's location. Rituals typically have long activation and recharge times, balancing the fact that they affect all allies and/or foes in a very large range.

If you are within range of two or more Nature Rituals of the same type you will be affected by the one which was created with the highest attribute.

All Rituals except for Gaze of Fury are untargeted and summon a spirit at your location.

After the activation of a ritual is complete, there is a brief delay before the spirit is actually created.


  • To clarify things : Binding Rituals are not spells. A player might instinctively associate summoning spirits and magic/spells, but skills/conditions that affect spells, such as dazed and most Mesmer interrupt skills won't work against Binding Rituals.

Types of Rituals[]

Binding Rituals are performed by Ritualists to create spirits that are bound to them and aid them in battle.

Binding Ritual:"A skill that creates a temporary spectral incarnation that casts a temporary effect on surrounding enemies and/or allies."

Nature Rituals are performed by Rangers to create totems (spirits) emitting environmental effects, affecting allies and foes alike.

Nature Ritual:"Creates a spirit that emits an environmental effect, affecting both friends and foes."

Ebon Vanguard Ritual is the specific type of ritual of the skill Winds.

The Ebon Vanguard Ritual acts like a Binding Ritual as it affects foes only.

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