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Ritual Priest Kahdat
Species: Ghost
Profession: Elementalist Elementalist-icon.png
Level(s): 24


Ritual Priest Kahdat is an Elonian scholar and arcanist that died several hundred years before the present day in the game. In the bonus objective of the Elona Reach mission, players are asked to bring a shard of the Vision Crystal to Priest Kahdat's remains to awaken him as well as Ritual Priest Hehmnut and Ritual Priest Nahtem.

The inscription at Priest Kahdat's Bones reads:

The Story of Priest Khadat: [sic]
Of the three Elonian high priests who found their final resting place in the Crystal Desert, Khadat was perhaps the most reasonable. Though he instructed his disciples to zealously guard their shard of the Vision Crystal, he did not do so out of pride or petty jealousy. He realized that the feuding between the Elonian sects would only get worse if only one group held a majority of the shards. His motivation for keeping his part of the crystal from the other two priests was simply a way to balance the power each group possessed.


Skills used[]


  • The inscriptions by his remains calls him Khadat instead of Kahdat.