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This page gives the locations of elite skills for the Ritualist at a glance. There are 25 elite Ritualist skills.

Channeling Magic[]

Caretaker's Charge Caretaker's Charge (Nightfall)

Clamor of Souls Clamor of Souls (Factions)

Destructive Was Glaive Destructive Was Glaive (Nightfall)

Grasping Was Kuurong Grasping Was Kuurong (Factions)

Offering of Spirit Offering of Spirit (Nightfall)

Signet of Spirits Signet of Spirits (Factions)

Weapon of Fury Weapon of Fury (Nightfall)


Signet of Ghostly Might Signet of Ghostly Might (Nightfall)

Wanderlust Wanderlust (Factions)

Weapon of Quickening Weapon of Quickening (Factions)

Restoration Magic[]

Defiant Was Xinrae Defiant Was Xinrae (Factions)

Preservation Preservation (Factions)

Spirit Light Weapon Spirit Light Weapon (Factions)

Tranquil Was Tanasen Tranquil Was Tanasen (Factions)

Vengeful Was Khanhei Vengeful Was Khanhei (Factions)

Weapon of Remedy Weapon of Remedy (Nightfall)

Xinrae's Weapon Xinrae's Weapon (Nightfall)

Spawning Power[]

Attuned Was Songkai Attuned Was Songkai (Factions)

Consume Soul Consume Soul (Factions)

Reclaim Essence Reclaim Essence (Nightfall)

Ritual Lord Ritual Lord (Factions)

Soul Twisting Soul Twisting (Factions)

Spirit Channeling Spirit Channeling (Factions)

Spirit's Strength Spirit's Strength (Nightfall)

Wielder's Zeal Wielder's Zeal (Nightfall)

Elite skill locations