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River Drake
Species: Drake
Profession: Elementalist Elementalist-icon.png
Level(s): 5 (22)


The River Drake is a small grey drake that spends time in the water. The River Drake is a good source of XP in Pre-Searing as it is one of the higher level monsters that is found there.

It may seem intimidating and strong, but it is not at all hard to defeat. If you are a melee/physical fighter (warrior, ranger) you will miss most attacks due to Blurred Vision, but that's an acceptable loss as you have a high armor level to endure its attacks. Alternatively you may switch to a wand or a staff and the River Drake will never cast Blurred Vision on you unless you switch back to a martial weapon.

If you rely on spells to deal damage you can kill it rather easily. Just be sure to be wary of your lower armor level.


In Prophecies:

In Nightfall:

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  • The river drake does not appear if there is someone in your party who had not completed the <primary profession> Test when you entered Lakeside County.