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Species: Ghost
Level(s): 20


Rochor is one of the trapped souls in the Realm of Torment. He provides the briefing for the Gate of Madness mission.



Before completing All Alone in the Darkness

"I keep praying to Grenth to free me from this horrible place, but he doesn't answer. How cold and terrible, to be kept even from the release of death."

After completing All Alone in the Darkness

"Hello, young Sunspear. What has brought you to these tortured lands? Ah, the Temple of Abaddon. Yes, I have heard of it. Perhaps I can answer your questions."
Tell me about past events.
"The Margonite Temple of Abaddon is perhaps the only place in this realm where you can commune with the Five Gods. You'll need their help to defeat Abaddon, so you'll have to find the temple and pray at the shrine there."
Tell me about current events.
"Getting to the Temple of Abaddon will not be easy. You'll need to fight your way through swarms of Margonites... and worse. Rumors say that two of Abaddon's most powerful servants are chained to the temple, guarding it against attack. Good luck."
Please give me some tips.
"1. Kill the lich before using Enchantments. 2. Consider equipping one or more party members with skills that can knock down targets or cause Blindness or other Conditions that are effective against Warriors. 3. When you reach the temple, spread out your party; some enemy attacks will cause massive damage to clustered groups."
Replay the mission cinematic.