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Royal Guard Kazuya
Species: Human
Level(s): 20


Royal Guard Kazuya appears in Sunjiang District. She is part of the squadron of guards that are attempting to defend the district from the Afflicted while you attempt to defeat Shiro Tagachi in the Sunjiang District mission. She offers the mission briefings and can replay the mission entry cinematic sequence.

Quests Involved In[]



Mission briefing:

"The plague has transformed Cantha into a hideous landscape. Many of her people fear leaving their homes, yet it is not safe to stay there either... The newly forged peace between the Kurzicks and Luxons will hopefully alleviate their concerns and bring them to arms.
You look like something is on your mind. What is it?"

Remind me of the current situation.

"Elder Rhea allowed your participation in an ancient Luxon ritual called the Convocation, where you fought to earn the possession of the Spear of Archemorus. You need its power to defeat Shiro. With the urn and the spear in your arsenal, there is nothing to stop you."

What is happening in the Sunjiang District?

"Shiro is performing the final ritual to bring his spirit army into Cantha. He opened massive rifts to the spirit realm that must be sealed. The coming fight with Shiro will be difficult, but your acquisition of the urn and spear will even the odds."

Shiro appears invulnerable. How can he be defeated?

"1. The Undercity plays host to many traps. Equip your party with Condition-removing skills as a precaution.
2. Shiro's rifts continuously usher new creatures into the fight until you destroy them.
3. Shiro will remain invincible until you destroy the rifts that feed him energy."


Although the NPC is a woman, the name Kazuya is actually a Japanese name for men.