Ruby Maul
Ruby Maul.jpg
Weapon details
Linked attribute(s): Hammer Mastery
Damage type(s): Blunt damage
PvP reward type: Fancy
Common: Granite Slabs
Rare: Rubies


The Ruby Maul is a type of hammer with a large stone head held in inscribed metal supports. A large ruby is embedded in the center of the hammer. It is not particularly rare, but can be considered somewhat valuable because it may salvage into Rubies.

This is a Nightfall and Eye of the North campaign item.


Nightfall campaign

Eye of the North expansion


Dyeing the Ruby Maul changes the handle color and tints the gold trim on the hammer head. Ruby Mauls are dyed yellow by default.


Like all ruby items, it is possible to salvage a Ruby from this weapon. However, the chances are very slim; it is advisable to apply a "Measure for Measure" inscription.

Ruby Weapons
Ruby Daggers icon.png Daggers • Ruby Maul icon.png Maul
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