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Species: Human
Profession: Warrior
Level(s): 15


Runduk is a Sunspear Rank Officer.

Quests Given[]



"Kormir has sent scouts into the wilds. You'll find them at every Resurrection Shrine. They can tell you what to expect in that region. I'm here to explain some of the ins and outs of moving up in the ranks of the Sunspears. What would you like to know?"
Player response: "I have a few questions"
"I'll answer any questions you have."
Player response: "Tell me about Sunspear Promotion Points."
"By earning promotion points, you will gain higher ranks within the Order of the Sunspears. These points are rewarded for acts of valor and bravery on the battlefield. The two main ways of gaining promotion points is through completing quests or by performing special "bounty" tasks given by Sunspear Scouts."
Player response: "Tell me about Sunspear promotion ranks."
"Sunspear ranks are titles earned through valor on the field of battle. As you gain ranks you will be rewarded with more abilities; and with that comes more responsibility. Some quests will only become available once you have achieved a high enough rank to take them on. The main way you will move up in the ranks is by earning Sunspear promotion points."
Player response: "Tell me about Sunspear promotion scouts."
"Kormir has sent Sunspear scouts out to report on conditions in the wilds. They are garrisoned near the resurrection shrines throughout Istan. These scouts will offer you a bounty to hunt down whatever creatures or enenmies are threatening the inhabitants of their area. When you take on these tasks, you will gain double experience and Sunspear promotion points for every foe of the appropriate type you slay while you have the bounty."