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Sabway is a hero team build that uses all three necromancer heroes: Livia, Master of Whispers, and Olias.


Like many other multi-necromancer teams, the backbone of Sabway is the nearly-endless supply of energy provided by the necromancer's primary attribute, Soul Reaping. This allows the necromancer heroes to cast their skills as often as possible with very little downtime due to low energy.

Each hero in Sabway is focused on a different task, namely:

  • Maintaining a minion army that can both inflict and absorb large amounts of damage, in addition to fueling Soul Reaping.
  • Using Curses to weaken foes, enhance minion damage, and make enemies damage themselves.
  • Healing the party and mitigating damage with Restoration Magic.

Unlike the similar Discordway team, where every hero has to spread their attribute points into Death Magic to make effective use of Discord, Sabway gives each hero an elite skill from their main attribute that has better synergy with the rest of their skill bar. The minion master usually has Jagged Bones, the curser has Spiteful Spirit, and the healer can pick from a number of skills in either Restoration or Soul Reaping.


  • The build concept relies heavily on readily available corpses, making the build weak in areas primarily populated by non-fleshy creatures. This can be remedied by swapping the minion master's build for a Blood Magic build with Spoil Victor or an auxiliary Curses build.
  • The build lacks both hex removal and interrupts, so be sure that the other party members can provide them.
  • The uncontrollable minions will aggro anything that comes close enough to them, making aggro control difficult in densely populated areas.


Historical note.png Historical note: This build was the basis from which Discordway developed.

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