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This article is about a part of Guild Wars that has been removed from the game.

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Sacred Temples
Sacred Temples.jpg
Basic Info
Campaign: Core
Type: Capture the Relic
Part of: The Rift
Sacred Temples map.jpg
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The Sacred Temples is normally the eighth PvP map in the Global Tournament. It is a "Capture the Relic" map with 2 teams. To win this map, a team must capture the Relic at least one more time than the opposing team before the time runs out after 10 minutes. To capture the relic, pick up the Relic at the other teams starting place and hand it to your Ghostly Hero.


  • The map can also be won early by handing in the Relic three times more than the opposing team.
  • The Ghostly Hero will not follow you like in other match types, but he will attack enemies close to his temple and can be killed.
  • The gate in the center of the map can be opened and closed by a lever that can be reached via the backway.
  • In the relic maps, the last team that captured a relic has a star near its score. If the score is a draw, the team with the stars get to continue while the other drops from the tournament.
  • This map has been removed from the map rotation.
  • In the Sacred Temples, each team has a Ghostly Hero and a Resurrection Shrine.

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