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Sacrifice is a game mechanic whereby characters forfeit a portion of their health to activate certain skills.


Sacrifice is a component of skill cost, primarily seen on necromancer skills. Sacrifice costs are listed as a percentage of the character's maximum health and range from 2% to 33%. Because the percentage is based on maximum health, it is possible for a character to die by sacrificing more health than he or she currently has.

Unlike energy and adrenaline, the other main components of skill cost, sacrifice costs are not paid until the skill has finished activating. Canceling a skill or being interrupted will not trigger the sacrifice cost.

In terms of game mechanics, sacrifice is a sub-type of health loss that is different from damage and life stealing. Because of this, damage mitigation skills like Reversal of Fortune or Shelter will not trigger when a character sacrifices health.

Sacrifice skills[]

These skills have a health sacrifice cost (sacrifice amount is shown in parentheses). For a more detailed list, see Sacrifice skills quick reference.

Necromancer-icon.pngBlood Magic Necromancer-icon.pngCurses Ritualist-icon.pngChanneling Magic
Necromancer-icon.pngDeath Magic Ritualist-icon.pngRestoration Magic
Necromancer-icon.pngSoul Reaping Ritualist-icon.pngSpawning Power
  1. The sacrifice cost is increased by 2% for every minion healed by this skill.
  2. The sacrifice cost is omitted if you are within earshot of a spirit.

Related skills[]

These skills interact with sacrifice costs in various ways.

Modify sacrifice costs

Sacrifice triggered by effect

  • Contagion Contagion is an self-enchantment that causes a sacrifice of 10...6% every time you gain a new condition.
  • Masochism Masochism is a self-enchantment that causes a sacrifice of 5...3% every time you cast a spell.

Effect triggered by sacrifice

  • Dark Aura Dark Aura is an enchantment that deals damage to adjacent foes, at the cost of health loss.
  • Masochism (PvP) Masochism (PvP) is a self-enchantment that gives energy every time you sacrifice health.


  • Health sacrifice is subject to rounding. A caster with a maximum of 1 health will never die due to sacrifice. This is the basis of a 1 HP Blood is Power build.
  • Blood is Power (33%/sec) is the fastest way to sacrifice health, the next non-elite fastest way to sacrifice health is through Order of Pain (6.18%/sec) followed by Blood Ritual (4.25%/sec). Using Blood of the Master with many Minion Masters on your team could potentially sacrifice more than 100% of your health.

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