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Salvage Kit
Salvage Kit.png
Subtype Kit
Rarity Common
Value 50 Gold.png
Stackable No
Campaign Core
Uses 25

A Salvage Kit is a set of tools used to salvage common crafting materials from the junk dropped by your defeated enemies.


Collector Location Trophy
Hai Lae1 Sunqua Vale 3 Kappa Hatchling Shells
Marik Kuri1 Sunqua Vale 3 Mantid Pincers
Hao Zhang Shing Jea Monastery 1 Oni Talon
Bae Kwon Wajjun Bazaar 3 Vermin Hides
Adhitok1 Plains of Jarin 3 Sentient Roots
Sehyal Sunspear Great Hall 3 Sentient Seeds
Danton Jokanur Diggings 3 Skeleton Bones
Sheltah Mehtani Keys 1 Chunk of Drake Flesh
  1. The kit offered by these collectors only has 10 uses.
Collector Location Reward trophy
Monastery Quartermaster Shing Jea Monastery 1 Monastery Credit
Imperial Quartermaster Kaineng Center 1 Imperial Commendation
Kurzick Quartermaster House zu Heltzer 1 Equipment Requisition
Luxon Quartermaster Cavalon 1 Luxon Totem
Sunspear Quartermaster Sunspear Great Hall 1 Battle Commendation
Smuggler Command Post 1 Kournan Coin
Vabbi Trade Official The Kodash Bazaar 1 Trade Contract
Wandering Scribe Gate of Desolation 1 Ancient Artifact
Secret Keeper Gate of Torment 1 Inscribed Secret


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