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A Jade Scarab in the Crystal Desert

Scarabs are giant beetles with small hind legs and two large front legs that it uses for attacks (see picture).

Unlike in real life, in Guild Wars Scarabs are social insects, like bees or ants. As revealed in the March 2, 2006 update, Scarabs form colonies lead by a single queen that lays her eggs in an underground nest. The nest is built and guarded by Scarab Nest Builders as well as other Scarabs serving as "soldiers".

Note: Scarabs are obviously inspired by the real-life Scarab beetles, who play an important role in ancient Egyptian mythology.


Scarabs will usually be burrowed beneath the earth (invisible on the radar) and will dig up in groups of 3-4 as players approach them.

Most scarabs are Necromancers (possibly inspired by Ancient Egyptians who saw the scarab as the symbol of eternal life). They are feared mostly for their powerful touches, life stealing and health degeneration hexes. They are fragile and cannot withstand much damage, but a large number of them can easily overwhelm a party member or two.

Scarabs in the Maguuma Jungle are friendly towards other types of enemy units, unlike the ones in the Crystal Desert which will often engage other foes such as Devourers, Griffons, and Minotaurs.

On the weakness side, keep in mind that Scarabs ...

Items dropped[]

Scarabs may drop the following loot (besides gold and various weapons and items):

Trophies Scarab Mandibles
Crafting Materials Chitin Fragments
Salvage Items ?

Known Sub-Types[]

They are generally found in the warmer areas of the game:


Region Name Trophy
Kryta Ranger12 Humbug1 Mossy Mandible
Maguuma Jungle Necromancer12, 16 Moss Scarab Mossy Mandible
Crystal Desert Warrior20 Rock-Eater Scarab
Necromancer20 Jade Scarab
Jade Mandible
Ranger22 Scarab Nest Builder
Necromancer22 Marrow Scarab
Istan Ranger12 Humbug1 Mossy Mandible

1. (Only during Wintersday quests)

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