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  1. Go to the gazebo and search for Kurzicks in the vicinity.
  2. Go to the second checkpoint and search for Kurzicks in the vicinity.
  3. Go to the cave and search for Kurzicks in the vicinity.
  4. Go to the waterfall and search for Kurzicks in the vicinity.
  5. See Scoutmaster Aerios for your reward.

Obtained from

Scoutmaster Aerios in Mount Qinkai


Sunjiang District (mission)



"You want to help the Luxons against the Kurzicks, or so I hear. I've got the perfect job for you, stranger. The Kurzicks don't know it, but we Luxons don't have the manpower to scout the entirety of the coast. Even now the Kurzicks rampage through our lands and wreak havoc. That's where you come in. Patrol the area and prove your loyalties are not false. Scout these four areas I have marked on your map, and then return and tell me what you've found. If you happen to run into any Kurzick raiding parties, deal with them. They have done enough damage already."
Accept: "I'm your scout"
Reject: "Scout them yourself, Luxon."

Reward Dialogue

"Hmm... so many, and so close to our home. This is disturbing, but you have proven yourself."


This quest is simple, just follow the quest indicator to each checkpoint in order. At every one except the cave you will be jumped by Kurzicks, which you will have to kill. As this quest is repeatable, if you leave Mount Qinkai at any time during this quest, it will be removed from your quest log and you will have to start all over again.

The checkpoints do not have to be completed in the order indicated. Furthermore, you can visit the checkpoints without the quest active and receive credit toward completion. Simply visit all the points, talk to Scoutmaster Aerios, then talk to him again to receive the reward.


  • This quest is repeatable. Once you receive your reward, you can re-zone and do the quest again.
  • When you take the quest, it induces some more chests to appear (near the Kurzick that spawn).
  • Combines well with the Mt. Qinkai portion of the Charting the Jade Sea quest and also with Return of the Yeti.