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  1. Search Ferndale for Luxon scout groups and destroy them. 4...0 Luxon scout groups remaining.
  2. See Forestermaster Vasha for your reward.

Obtained from

Forestermaster Vasha in Ferndale



"Good timing, <name>! No doubt, the gods had a hand in your arrival. Listen, Luxon scouts have been sighted in Ferndale. My scouts lost them, but they can't have gone far. We need help searching the rest of Ferndale. If these Luxon scouts are able to reach their borders and report their findings, I'm afraid we'll be facing an imminent attack."
Accept: "I will find and destroy the Luxon scouts."
Reject: "I'm busy right now."

Reward Dialogue

"Good work, <name>. Of course, I knew you'd be successful... there was that sign last night when the winds grew especially strong, and then again this morning, when I stumbled upon that especially large ring of mushrooms... Oh, and then there was that pinecone that fell on my head... Anyhow, thanks to you, the Luxons will likely think twice before trying to infiltrate Ferndale again."


You must clear all Luxon scouting parties without leaving the area, otherwise the quest will reset.

When you approach the quest markers on your map, several Luxons will appear, if they are not there already. You actually only need to kill the Luxon Scout. Once that happens, the quest will update and show the next area.

Often the Luxon groups spawn near large groups of Dredge and Wardens, making this quest quite difficult. In this case, you can use hit-and-run tactics -- kill the Luxon Scout and then retreat.

Because this quest involves wandering all over Ferndale, you should combine it with other quests in this area. It takes you very near to Supplymaster Konrad outside the House zu Heltzer entrance, who will give you the repeatable Kurzick Supply Lines quest, requiring you to deliver supplies to Quartermaster Mikhail who is standing next to Forestermaster Vasha. In this way you will have an almost clear run back with the supplies, making the compulsory round trip worth 4,000 XP and 800 Kurzick Faction.

This quest is repeatable. Once you receive your reward, you can re-zone and receive the quest again.