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  1. Search Maishang Hills for Kurzick scout groups and destroy them. 4...0 Kurzick scout groups remaining.
  2. See Scoutmaster Theron for your reward.

Obtained from

Scoutmaster Theron in Maishang Hills



"Recently, there has been an increase in reported sightings of Kurzick scouts in Maishang Hills, and it is my belief that they are searching for weak points in our defenses. It's imperative that we find them before they reach their lands and share their findings. I need you to search Maishang Hills for the Kurzick scouts and send them to meet their gods face-to-face."
Accept: "Those Kurzicks are as good as dead."
Reject: "I think I'll pass."

Reward Dialogue

"When their scouts fail to return, the Kurzicks will no doubt realize that we are responsible. They will hear our message: Kurzicks have no place here!"


Go where the quest marker tells you and eliminate the Kurzicks. When you need to return for your reward, do not map travel to Eredon Terrace as a fast way to reach Scoutmaster Theron. As with all repeatable quests, leaving the area will cause the quest to be removed from your quest log, meaning you would have to start again, so you just have to walk back to him.


  • The locations where the Kurzick scouts spawn seem to be somewhat random.
  • Only the Kurzick Scout in each mob needs to be killed to update the quest - if you are able to eliminate him without aggroing the remainder of his group, that party will be deemed eliminated for the purpose of the quest log.
  • Taking the Blessing of the Luxons will often yield more faction than the quest itself.