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A scrimmage in the context of Guild Wars refers to a GvG-like battle held between members and guests of the same guild or alliance. To initiate a scrimmage, the leader of a group of one or more players in the Guild Hall clicks on Guild Battle and selects "Host a Scrimmage Match". Subsequently any other group of one or more members may join the scrimmage match by clicking on the Guild Battle button.

Unlike GvG's stringent headcount requirement, there can be as few as a single player on a side of a scrimmage, and as many as eight (the normal maximum). This makes both duelling and full team training possible.

Scrimmage Minigames[]

Because of the collegial atmosphere of a scrimmage battle, players often "make their own content" out of them that differs significantly from the GvG setup of the battle.


  • Allies and guests may participate in scrimmages.
  • The team that initiates the scrimmage starts on the "attacker" base.

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