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In the weekend of April 27 to April 29, there was an event celebrating Guild Wars Prophecies' 2nd birthday and Guild Wars Factions 1st birthday. During the weekend all festival games were re-opened as well. Games included the Dragon Arena, Rollerbeetle Racing, and other games from the Shing Jea Boardwalk.

Characters (not accounts) reaching 2 years found a birthday gift of the second series of minipets in their inventory.

Starting 12:01 AM PST Saturday 28th of April, every three hours, there was a fireworks display in all major towns.

Confirmed by Gaile Gray. The Event was extended until 11:59pm PST Monday Night.


  • Friday, April 27th (Noon PST): Start of event.
  • Saturday, April 28th (12:01 AM PST): Start of Fireworks display every 3 hours.
  • Sunday, April 29th (12:01 AM PST): Final Fireworks display.
  • Monday, April 30th (Midnight PST): End of event.

Redecorated Towns[]

Event-specific locations[]

Event-specific items[]

Birthday Cupcakes

  • Have "some extra qualities that are certain to make you smile. But we doubt these treats will make the vile creatures of Tyria, Cantha, and Elona happy. This is a sugar rush with a vengeance."
  • Cupcakes grant +100 maximum health, +10 maximum energy, and 25% increased movement speed for 10 minutes. They cannot be used in PvP.
  • They are available as random drops and from Zaishen Supply Masters in exchange for 10 Victory Tokens.
  • They count 2 points towards Sweet Tooth


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