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  1. Travel to the Sunspear encampment near Chahbek Village.
  2. Talk to at least one non-<primary profession> expert.
  3. See First Spear Dehvad for your reward.

Obtained from

First Spear Dehvad in Kamadan, Jewel of Istan


Nightfall Character
Honing your Skills



"Good to see you again, <name>. Today must be my lucky day! I won 200 gold on a bet with First Spear Jahdugar and then you show up just when I need to talk to you. Looks like it's time for you to begin learning about secondary professions. Why don't you head back to the encampement near Chahbek Village and speak to a few of the experts there. They can tell you all about life in the professions."
Accept: "That sounds like good advice."
Reject: "I'm not yet ready to do that."

Reward Dialogue

"I hope you got some sound advice and are able to choose the right profession to complement your combat style. Choosing a secondary profession is a big decision, but it isn't a permanent one. Once you've advanced in the ranks a bit you'll be able to change your secondary profession."


Choose Your Secondary Profession


Speak with Second Spear Binah in Kamadan to get out to Chahbek Village, then speak to the various expert trainers scattered around. You won't be committing to a secondary profession until the followup quest, so no reason not to speak to them all, and explore your options.


  • Details on how you will later be able to change your secondary profession can be found on the Profession Changer page.
  • For suggestions on what secondary profession to select with your primary profession, check out the Profession combinations articles for guidance.