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Mesmers use the power of a foe against it, and many of their skills disrupt the abilities of enemies. Their focused skills, however, make them highly situational, and are often useless in situations they are not prepared for.

Always remember that when choosing secondary skills, the native skills often have better synergy with the profession's purpose, interact better with the profession's other skills, and benefit from runes.



  • This profession combination provides little benefit for primary mesmers.


  • Because Mesmers have many skills that affect Signets, they can accelerate damage using Smiting Prayers Signets.
  • Re-usable resurrection spells are often beneficial in PvE, and Fast Casting enables them to be used much more quickly. See Rezmer.


  • The Curses attribute has a number of skills which combine nicely with the Mesmer's, such as Reckless Haste which goes well with Empathy. However, Necromancer/Mesmer is generally more effective due to the superior skills and energy management of the Soul Reaping attribute as compared to Fast Casting.
  • However, the PvE-only skill Necrosis is effective on a Mesmer due to a Mesmer's many hexes.


  • Fast Casting can be used to take advantage of some spells with longer casting times in the Elementalist's attributes.
  • High energy spells like Rodgort's Invocation can work well when used with Auspicious Incantation to regain energy quickly.
  • In PvP, mesmers use Elementalist blinding skills to keep permanant blind on frontliners.
  • Signet of Illusions is often used to compensate for high Fast Casting or to specialize in several different elements.


  • Feigned Neutrality and/or Dark Escape can be used while attacking with Illusionary Weaponry, as your attacks never hit. However, the lack of an IAS significantly reduces damage capability, and the double strike chance of daggers is insignificant without investing points in Dagger Mastery.
  • Shadow Sanctuary can also be used if attribute investment is not desired,even at rank 0.
  • Signet of Twilight can be used for large and cost-free enchantment removal for a Hex-heavy Mesmer.


  • Fast Casting can be combined with damage skills from the Channeling Magic line to provide damage.
  • Repeatable resurrection spells are often beneficial in PvE.


  • This profession combination provides little benefit for a Mesmer primary.


  • Illusionary Weaponry can be used with defensive skills and cover enchantments from the Earth Prayers attribute. An axe or sword can be used for a faster attack speed, while a scythe can be used to strike multiple targets.

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