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==Paragon Necromancer==
==Paragon Necromancer==
[[Plague Touch]] or [[Plague Sending]] work very well with [[Signet]]
[[Plague Touch]] or [[Plague Sending]] work very well with [[Cautery Signet]]
==Paragon Assassin==
==Paragon Assassin==

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Paragon Warrior

Using the warriors tactics skills, a Paragon/Warrior can act as an effective healer and buffer to the team, using chants like Ballad of Restoration', refrains like Mending Refrain, and shouts like "Watch Yourself!". Using these together, along with Signet of Synergy, and other paragon skills, a Paragon can be an effective group healer as long as his allies are around him.

Paragons only have two pips of energy regen, but Leadership can make up for the energy spent in Chants and refrains. If you are low on energy, use "Watch Yourself!" to generate some free energy. When using Mending Refrain, use a cover chant to keep it refreshed, such as Anthem of Flame.

Try to use a low level tactics skill, so "Watch Yourself!" expires faster, refreshing Mending Refrain and triggering skills like Finale of Restoration much more easily. Note that as of the December 1st, 2006 patch, "Watch Yourself!" will not provide a significant amount of armor anymore unless points are spent in Tactics. The shout does still refresh Mending Refrain though.

You can also obtain the Warrior tactics shout, "To the Limit!" to easily obtain up to five strikes of adrenaline from nearby enemies, and then use it to fuel your adrenaline reliant shouts/chants/echos like Hexbreaker Aria, or "Go for the Eyes!"

Paragon Ranger

Paragon/rangers can use Apply Poison to add poison to each spear attack. Serpent's Quickness can also be used to reduce the recharge time of energy-based shouts with a long recharge.

Paragon Elementalist

  • Elemental conjures enchantments such as Conjure Flame could be used, but beware as these will need to use up a large amount of attribute points in order to get any decent damage.
  • A potent combo due to the large amount of paragon shouts related to burning and fire damage.

Paragon Mesmer

Mantra of Inscriptions combines well with Cautery Signet and Signet of Synergy.

Paragon Monk

A Monk secondary gives access to hex and condition removal aswell as extra healing.

Paragon Necromancer

Plague Touch or Plague Sending work very well with Cautery Signet

Paragon Assassin

Paragon Ritualist

Vocal was Sogolon is a natural pair for the Paragon's shouts.

Paragon Dervish

The high armor of the Paragon, combined with the high damage of the Dervish can be a very effective mix. Also, the shouts of the Paragon cannot be removed using the skills of the Dervish; which may prove useful.