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Always remember, when choosing secondary skills, that native skills often have better synergy with the profession's purpose, interact better with the profession's other skills, and benefit from runes.


  • Energy-based melee attacks are affected by Expertise, thus allowing a Ranger to use them at reduced cost.
  • Rampage as One provides quick adrenaline gain when combined with skills from the line of Hammer Mastery. These rangers are often referred to as "Bunny-Thumpers," because of the way they run when carrying a hammer.


  • Mending Touch is useful for condition removal, however Antidote Signet can in some situations be better than it.
  • Rangers have efficient self heals and should not invest in Healing Prayers.
  • Resurrection skills such as Rebirth are useful on primary rangers, because rangers tend to have better survivability than other professions and can save a party from a near Party-wipe.


  • The "Touch Ranger" takes advantage of Expertise's effect on touch-range skills. This, combined with ranger defensive stances and speed boosts, makes a powerful build with decent armor ignoring damage and potent healing.
  • Mark of Pain can be used effectively with many of the Ranger's bow attacks.
  • Weaken Armor is also a good choice when combined with Body Shot for regaining energy, especially when using a lot of it quickly or over an extended battle.




  • Some Ranger builds can be complemented with an Assassin's Shadow Arts healing skills,such as Shadow Refuge, which tend to activate faster than Ranger heals.
  • Because this is the only real benefit of the Ranger/Assassin combo, many people consider it to be a weak combination. However, a ranger wielding daggers will gain the Expertise benefits on dagger attacks.



  • Energy-based spear attacks are affected by Expertise, thus allowing a Ranger to use them at reduced cost.
  • Song of Concentration can be used to set traps in the middle of battle.


  • Expertise can be used to reduce the energy cost of scythe attacks. Combined with Ranger stances such as Escape or Lightning Reflexes, this makes a fast running or fast hitting, hard to damage and multi-hitting Ranger.

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