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  • Ritualists lack hex removal skills, and can benefit from the expanded condition removal from monk skills.
  • Attuned Was Songkai can be used to lower the cost of expensive spells that have quick recharge times for a great effect.
  • Vengeful Was Khanhei can be combined with Protective Spirit and other monk skills for some effective farming techniques.





  • A player may not Shadow Step while holding an item. In this way a Ritualist can bomb targets by using a recall skill and forcing the item they are holding to automatically drop.
  • Daggers can strike more often than any other weapon in the game due to the Assassin's chance to double strike. For this reason, combining dagger attack combos with weapon spells and Spirit's Strength can cause a lot of damage.
  • Ritualist/Assassins make good Guild vs Guild flag runners due to the combination of efficient Assassin speed spells such as Dash and Dark Escape (for quick flag carrying) and Ritualist carrying synergies such as Caretaker's Charge, Channeled Strike and Soothing Memories (for dueling other players while holding a flag).


  • Spirit's Strength combines well with spears, since their faster attack rate makes for a decent ranged weapon. Adrenaline-based spear skills also help to keep a continual flow of energy open for maintaining your enchantments and weapon spells.
  • Shouts and chants can last longer with Vocal Was Sogolon.


  • The elite skill Spirit's Strength works well with scythe attacks due to the AoE effect of scythes.
  • Featherfoot Grace can be a helpful speed boost for PvP with it's helpful condition reduction or for condition-heavy areas in PvE.
  • Armor of Sanctity for reduced damage on foes with conditions.

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