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Seeker of Whispers
Seeker of Whispers.jpg
Species: Human
Level(s): 20


The Seeker of Whispers provides information of the Lightbringer title track, as well as awarding bonus skills as you progress along that title.



"By now you have heard people refer to you as a Lightbringer. The responsibility that goes along with that title is great"
Or, if you have zero Lightbringer points:
"What are you doing here? This is a place for those willing to die for the cause. How is it possible that you have reached this place without once doing anything that marks you as a Lightbringer?"
What is a Lightbringer?
"We are all Lightbringers... if we choose to be. A Lightbringer is someone who serves as a beacon to others, illuminating the way of righteousness in these dark times. Demons walk these lands. It is the duty of the willing to drive them back to the cold crypts from whence they came."
Tell me about Lightbringer ranks
"Each rank you gain as a Lightbringer will make you more powerful. Once you gain a high enough rank, you will be taught skills known only to the Order of Whispers."
Tell me about Lightbringer points
"As you battle the forces of darkness, you will earn Lightbringer points. If you wish to rise quickly as a Lightbringer, heed the advice of Whispers informants that you encounter. Through their teachings you will hone your craft."
Tell me about the Whispers Informants.
"What is there to know? If they allow you to see them, it is likely they have something worthwhile to tell you."


  • When you reach your first rank of Lightbringer title at 100 points, talk to the Seeker of Whispers to receive your "Lightbringer" effect, which will be active on you and your heroes whenever you display the title, and helps you when fighting Demons of Abaddon.
    • When you reach Adept Lightbringer rank (300 points), he will give you the Lightbringer's Gaze skill.
    • When you reach Brave Lightbringer rank (1000 points), he will give the Lightbringer Signet skill.