Seeking a Cure

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Overview[edit | edit source]


  1. Find the 2 ingredients needed to make an antidote for the coming sickness, nong berries and tai ling buds. You have found X of 2 ingredients.
  2. See Brother Pe Wan for your reward.

Obtained from

Brother Pe Wan in Kinya Province.


Track Down Brother Pe Wan



"Headmaster Amara has foreseen that a sickness will come to Cantha soon. A plague that will turn even the meek into raging monsters that kill anything they see, Headmaster Amara is never wrong. We must gather 2 ingredients, nong berries and tai ling buds, so she can attempt to create an antidote."

Reward Dialogue

"I know I did not make it easy for you, but you did well nonetheless. I am impressed."


An Audience with Master Togo

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

When you accept this quest you are given the skills Resurrect and Retribution. Head north, towards Tomaat Pass and look for a Nong Berry Bush. Beware of a nearby Red Yeti. After picking up the berries from that bush, head farther north, to the Seijun Woods and look for a Tai Ling Vine and pick the buds. After you have them both return to Brother Pe Wan to complete the quest.

You can avoid most if not all fighting: The Red Yeti you can just walk around even though he gives good XP, and the Mantids won't attack you at all. The only Mantid you have to watch out for is Tahkayun Tsi, a level 10 Assassin boss.