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*{{skill icon|Mystic Vigor}}
*{{skill icon|Mystic Vigor}}
*{{skill icon|Whirling Charge}}
*{{skill icon|Whirling Charge}}
*{{skill icon|Zealous Vow}} ([[Elite]])
*{{skill icon|Zealous Vow}} ([[elite]])
==Items dropped==
==Items dropped==

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Sehlon, Beautiful Water
Sehlon, Beautiful Water.jpg
Species: Djinn
Profession: Dervish Dervish-icon.png
Level(s): 24


Sehlon, Beautiful Water is a Water Djinn dervish boss that can be found in a pool deep in the Bahdok Caverns. She is accompanied in the pool by 2 Elementals consisting of Cracked Mesas and Stone Shard Crags.


Location from Moddok Crevice
Location from Wehhan Terraces

Skills used

Items dropped