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A (Aggro circle): Spawn point of dryders,
B: Reaper, C: Ice King


  1. Defend the Ice King while he summons new Ice Elementals.
  2. Protect the Reaper of Ice.
  3. Return to Reaper of the Ice Wastes for your reward. [sic]

Obtained from

Reaper of the Ice Wastes in The Underworld


Clear the Chamber
Free the Reaper of the Ice Wastes by destroying the Terrorweb Dryders around the statue of Grenth in the Ice Wastes



"The ranks of the ice elementals which serve as Grenth's palace guard have been depleted by this latest attack by the Terrorwebs. I will call for the Ice King to summon a new defensive force. You are needed to protect the Ice King during his ritual, and to ensure that the Terrorwebs do not use this opportunity to strike at me once again."
Accept: "You can count on me."
Reject: "I have my own troubles."

Reward Dialogue

"You have done well. This new horde of Ice Elementals will keep the Hall of Judgment safe."


Once you accept this quest, Terrorweb Dryders and several Skeletons of Dhuum will immediately spawn nearby to the northeast of the Reaper's location and will head to their targets. There are three waves that each consist of six Terrorweb Dryders and a few skeletons that immediately break up into two equal groups. One group will head towards the Ice King while the other heads toward the Reaper of the Ice Wastes.

You will have about 30 seconds to defeat each wave of Dryders; if you do not dispatch them quickly, the next wave will approach and can quite easily overwhelm you. Consider splitting the group up and having one half at the Ice King's spawn location ready to intercept incoming Dryders while the other half triggers the quest and defends the Reaper.


  • Be aware that the third and final wave is delayed. You will get a quest complete notification at least 30 seconds before it spawns. Take care as this wave will also split and head towards the Reaper and the Ice King if not killed.
  • King Frozenwind has four Level 28 Ice Elementals to assist, but they, as well as the Ice King, will fall quickly to the Dryder's dangerous fire spells. Consider bringing Winter to convert the Dryder's fire damage to cold damage, against which the Ice Elementals have a higher resistance.
  • King Frozenwind and his Ice Elementals will become invulnerable after this quest is completed.