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  1. Tell Artificer Mullenix when you are ready to start the training session.
  2. Help train the service staff by leading them into combat. Destroy 20 practice dummies in 3 minutes.
  3. See Artificer Mullenix for your reward.

Obtained from

Artificer Mullenix in Eye of the North (outpost)


Charr Invaders


Common to all professions Ebon Vanguard Assassin Support


"[Solo Quest] That near disaster with the Charr expeditionary force has me especially concerned about our ability to defend the Eye of the North. Between the Charr, the Centaur tribes, and the occasional drunken Norn we've a lot to be concerned about. I want to make sure those who remain to provide support services are trained for battle. Show those dummies who's boss."
Accept: "Rune traders with swords? This should be good."
Reject: "I don't do miracles."

Intermediate Dialogue (Artificer Mullenix)

"You will be separated from your party and loaded into your own instance to train the Eye of the North service and support staff. Are you ready?"
Accept: "I am ready."
Reject: "I am not ready."

Reward Dialogue

"Let's hope your training paid off. I've got reports of enemies on the march toward us at this very moment."


Service: In Defense of the Eye


The timer is your only enemy here. Bring your most active damaging skills. The Practice Dummies are arranged in nearby range semi-circle. Skills that require adjacent foes, such as Cyclone Axe and Barrage, will thus strike only one dummy.

It is possible to pass this quest even if the player cannot generate much damage output directly, by making the NPCs focus fire on a called target and letting them do the killing.


Bug.png Bug! Instead of being inanimate and non-fleshy objects, the Practice Dummies seem to be coded as "human" as far as the game engine is concerned, as they are susceptible to Disease but can transfer it back to you and the allied NPCs. They also leave exploitable corpses, making the quest somewhat easier for minion masters.
Bug.png Bug! If you resign as the timer is counting down to start, it will say that the quest was failed but your quest log will show it as being completed and you can accept the quest reward.
Bug.png Bug! If you kill the final dummy after the quest timer has expired, it will say that the quest was failed but your quest log will show it as being completed and you can accept your reward.