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  1. Speak with Ang again to begin eliminating the spirits
  2. Defeat 5 Shackled Spirits. You have 5 Shackled Spirits left.

Obtained From

Ang the Ephemeral in Panjiang Peninsula

Skills given

The following skills are given upfront, not as a reward:



"I bound the souls of some bandits into objects years ago so the envoys could come collect them. Strangely, they never did, and the shackled souls remain here to this day. We will use them as a test for your newly acquired power, but be forewarned they will show you no mercy if you allow them the upper hand. Please take some time to review the skills I have just given you. When you are ready, speak with me again and we can put these souls to rest."

Intermediate Dialogue (Ang the Ephemeral)

"When you are ready, approach the Soul Keepers and open them. Dispatch the shackled spirits using your new skills."

Reward Dialogue

"You will make a fine Ritualist one day, <name>."


An Audience with Master Togo


Head south from Tsumei Village and follow the quest marker to Ang. Speak with him to get your pre-quest skills. Speak with Ang again to activate the quest once you are ready to do battle with the spirits. Open each chest and destroy the spirit that spawns from it. Once all chests have been opened and all spirits destroyed speak to Ang for your reward.

  • The spirits are bound to unlocked chests. You can wait for your skills and spells to regenerate before you open them to attack.
  • Since the enemies are spirits, Painful Bond does not affect them.
  • The "shackled" spirits can still chase you, unlike normal Ritualist spirits.


  • Ang the Ephemeral will attack these spirits if they are within range.

Warning: The following text contains spoilers relating to the plot of Factions.

  • It is possible that the Envoys haven't shepherded these spirits to the Mists because of the more pressing matter of Shiro Tagachi.