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The Shadow Army is an army of dark creatures in service of Menzies, the Lord of Destruction. The Shadow Army is engaged with the Eternal forces of Balthazar in a constant war inside the Fissure of Woe.

The Shadow Army has units that run the gamut of professions. They patrol many parts of the Fissure, especially in the areas of the Temple of War, the Tower of Strength and the Tower of Courage. They are, however, hostile to the Skeleton Army that wanders the Great Battle Field; and inciting fights between groups of those two armies is a famous tactic to get rid of both.

Known subtypes[]

Region Profession Collectable drop Crafting materials
Warrior Ranger Monk Necromancer Mesmer Elementalist
Fissure of Woe 24 Shadow Warrior
28 Abyssal
24 Shadow Ranger 24 Shadow Monk 28 Shadow Beast 24 Shadow Mesmer 24 Shadow Elemental Dark Remains Pile of Glittering Dust,
Obsidian Shard
Realm of Torment 24 Shadow Warrior 24 Shadow Ranger 24 Shadow Monk 28 Shadow Beast 24 Shadow Mesmer 24 Shadow Elemental unknown unknown
Domain of Anguish 28 Abyssal
28 Claw of Darkness
28 Wind of Darkness 28 Scourge of Darkness 28 Curse of Darkness 28 Thought of Darkness 28 Chill of Darkness Torment Gemstone unknown

For a list of all units of the Shadow Army including bosses and quest-specific units, see Category:Shadow Army.


  • If you know you will be going up against members of the Shadow Army, take extra care with group positioning and pulls. Shadow Beasts appear suddenly in the same manner as Devourers, Assassins or other 'ambushing' creatures. Also, multiple Shadow Army groups tend to be linked together in unexpected ways. Don't be surprised if you pull one group, only to attract the attentions of another group 50 feet away.


  • Most Shadow Army units resemble darker, greyscale versions of other units with glowing yellow eyes (or white eyes in the case of Shadow Beasts) and (with the exception of Shadow Beasts, Shadow Rangers and Shadow Warriors) curved black spikes projecting from their backs.
    • Most units resemble the White Mantle, it is not known whether this resemblance is intentional or simply the result of reusing graphics. Shadow Monks, Mesmers and Elementals look very similar to White Mantle Priests, Sycophants and Savants. Shadow Warriors and Rangers wear armor very similar to White Mantle Knights, however they have spiked helmets and no capes, and their armor has the distinctive 'fins' or 'wings' of the Enchanted. They even have the White Mantle symbol on their armor or clothing.
    • Abyssals look like Trolls.
    • Shadow Beasts are re-skins of Nightmares.