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  1. Go to the Breach and kill Charr Fire Callers to obtain a bottle of fiery unguent.
  2. Return to Shalev the Hermit for your reward.

Obtained from

Shalev the Hermit in Old Ascalon (in a cave west of Sardelac Sanitarium)


Profession: Elementalist
Prophecies Character
Elemental Knowledge


  • 300 XP
  • Skills
Elementalist Eruption
Elementalist Shard Storm


"Shalev is isolated as he wishes to be, but unfortunately, the gargoyles don't always respect Shalev's desire for privacy. To keep unwanted guests at bay, Shalev has devised a powerful spell. He requires one last ingredient to make the spell complete and keep the gargoyles at bay. In the Breach, there are Charr known as Fire Callers. These Fire Callers often carry with them a certain fiery unguent that Shalev must have. What say you to an exchange of knowledge for a bottle of this fiery unguent?"
Accept: "I'll retrieve the fiery unguent."
Reject: "You'll have to find somebody else."

Reward Dialogue

"Shalev thanks you for the fiery unguent. Now then, take what was promised and leave Shalev to his solitude."


The Fire Callers you have to kill are right next to Piken Square, so it is best to travel there first. Exit Piken Square into the area called The Breach. Immediately head west down into a dip and then north to the top of the hill. There you find three Fire Callers of whom one has the quest item of fiery unguent.

Be careful as there are several strong groups of Charr patrolling the paths to the south-west. Once you have the unguent, map travel back to Sardelac Sanitarium and take it to Shalev, in Old Ascalon (location (7) on the map) (a tiny cave on the western edge).