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Warning: The following text contains spoilers relating to the plot of Guild Wars Prophecies and Eye of the North.

The Charr Shaman caste is the ruling body of the Charr during the time of Guild Wars. The Shaman caste is composed of shamans from the four primary Charr High Legions - the Ash Legino, Blood Legion, Iron Legion, and Flame Legion. Within the Shaman caste, those from the Burnt Warband of the Flame Legion rule above the others for having discovered their gods. The caste have subjugated female Charr, preventing them from fighting in battle, and is responsible for the worship of the Titans, and later the Destroyers. Hierophant Burntsoul is the leader of the Shaman caste.

During Assault on the Stronghold, Hierophant Burntsoul is killed, thus allowing a revolution against the caste to begin.