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The Shielding Urn is a bundle which spawns at the Bamboo and Waterfall Defense Points in Saltspray Beach. It can only be picked up by members of the faction which controls the defense point, and disappears when the faction loses control of the defense point. It looks like the Urn of Saint Viktor. Dropping the urn consumes it and causes the Shielding Urn spell to take effect, a new urn will spawn at the defense point after 30 seconds.

Effect details
Shielding Urn
Shielding Urn.jpg
Campaign: Factions
Type: Bundle effect
Bundle: Urn of Saint Viktor

Players within the radius of the urn when it drops share 500 points of damage reduction.

Concise: Drop effect: players in the radius of the urn share 500 points of damage reduction.


  • The "radius of the urn" is equivalent to "in the area".

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