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Shing Jea Island
Teipoa Island.jpg
Basic Info
Campaign: Factions
Type: Region
Part of: Cantha
Kaineng City
Shing Jea Island.jpg
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Shing Jea Island is the tutorial area for the Factions Campaign. It is a large island off the western shores of mainland Cantha.

Compared to Pre-Searing (the tutorial area for the Prophecies Campaign), the tutorials offered at Shing Jea Island are more detailed and advanced.

In order to exit the area, players must be granted leave by Master Togo.

Unlike Pre-Searing, Shing Jea Island is a place, not a time and thus can be re-visited whenever the player wants.

Note that this area has Xunlai Agents, meaning that new characters can receive powerful equipment and resources from the start from other characters on the same account.

Getting there[]

Towns and Outposts[]

Mission locations[]

Explorable areas[]