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Warning: The following text contains spoilers relating to the plot of Prophecies.

The banner of the Shining Blade

The Shining Blade are a group of rebels who oppose the White Mantle's rule over Kryta. While some in Kryta are grateful that the White Mantle rescued their kingdom from the Charr and others are ambivalent about who is in power or which gods they worship, the Shining Blade are suspicious about the true motives and intentions of the White Mantle and their Unseen Ones.

The Shining Blade make their bases primarily in the Maguuma Jungle to the west of Kryta. They know the jungle very well and can traverse it fairly easily. This had always given them shelter against retaliations from the White Mantle. Their primary activities against Mantle were the occasional raid on the caravans leading the Chosen to Bloodstone Fen.

The Shining Blade are led by Evennia and are governed by an inner council. Two other members of the council are Saidra and Markis.

As the campaign storyline progresses, players eventually join the Shining Blade in their opposition to the White Mantle. This triggers a series of large-scale events. The Shining Blade, with the help of the players, manage to secure the Henge of Denravi as a stronghold and forward base with which to strike out against the Mantle even more effectively. Evennia also forms a pact with Vizier Khilbron to help them defeat the Mantle. After several setbacks and major losses, the White Mantle--with the help of Markis' betrayal--goes on an all-out campaign of vengeance and crusade in an effort to wipe out the Shining Blade, driving the rebels into full-scale retreat and shattering their leadership.

In Eye of the North, after the White Mantle was thrown out of power with the unveiling of their unseen gods, The Shining Blade and the Mantle began a civil war through-out Kryta, the Shining Blade trying to restore Kryta to its original royal family and vowed to bring peace to Kryta.

Here is a list of known Shining Blade NPCs:

See Category:Shining Blade for a possibly more complete list.


There is a large camp of Shining Blade around Dakutu Village in South-West Talmark Wilderness, where there are many important leaders of the Shining Blade (listed above). Based on various dialogue, when talking to named NPCs, it seems likely that new content will be added into the game.