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A Shiro'ken Warrior, a typical Shiro'ken.

Shiro'ken are spirits of departed mortals that have been summoned back to the mortal world and bound in a physical shell to the service of their master. Shiro'ken is the Canthan name for bound spirits that serve Shiro Tagachi's will.

In Factions, Shiro Tagachi abuses his power as an envoy (which gives him great powers over the souls of the dead), and binds spirits to his evil bidding.

The resulting creature, however, does not posses skills and powers depending on the bound spirit itself but the same skills per profession (i.e. the bound spirit of any past elementalist will have the skill set of a Shiro'ken Elementalist). All bound spirits have the skill Song of the Mists.

With the exception of warriors and assassins - which look like vaguely humanoid suits of armor with several blades in place of limbs - normal, non-boss Shiro'ken bear a strong resemblance to specific creatures. Despite their appearance, Shiro'ken are fleshy creatures.


Shiro'ken and the creatures they resemble.


  • Shiro'ken in the Factions campaign drop Forbidden Keys regardless of region. Shiro'ken in the Nightfall campaign do not appear to drop any keys.


  • Some of the early concept art for Shiro'ken depicts them as metal humanoid marionettes hanging from chains.
  • The name "Shiro'ken" means, when translated from modern Japanese, "The Swords of Shiro."