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  1. Search the road to Ascalon for refugees.
  2. Lead the refugees to Yak's Bend.
  3. Return to Captain Osric for your reward.

Obtained from

Captain Osric in Yak's Bend


Prophecies Character


Holy Dmg. 5-10 (req. 5 Divine Favor)
Halves skill recharge of spells (Chance: 10%)
Energy +3 (While health is above 50%)
Blunt Dmg. 14-23 (req. 5 Hammer Mastery)
Armor Penetration +5% (Chance: 5%)
Health +25 (While in a Stance)


"Our track into the mountains is proving a dangerous affair, and we've hardly begun. A few of the families who set out with us from Ascalon did not make it here to Yak's Bend, but I have hope they may yet survive.
I need someone to search along the road back to Ascalon and help out anyone who might be stranded. Are you up to the task? "

Reward Dialogue

"We will see to it that the Alstons have food, clothes, and shelter. Prince Rurik charged me with ensuring that those who wish to make the passage to Kryta have a chance to do so safely, and I mean to do it...with the help of courageous Ascalonians like yourself, of course."


Oswalt's Epitaph


After leaving Yak's Bend first talk to Guard Markus, who'll be standing to the right, a short distance away in front of the gate. If you don't, you will not find any stragglers. If you do, they are right on the spot marked on the map. On the way you will encounter a very large group of Stone Summit Brutes and Stone Summit Ravagers. The Brutes are like Stone Summit Crushers and the Ravagers are pretty much Stone Summit Sages. Be sure to protect Elsa Alston. If she dies while you are leading the other refugees back to Yak's Bend, the other refugees will stop and you will have to restart the quest, which means that you will have to fight through the large group of dwarves again.

A possible alternative to fighting through the large group of dwarves is to go around via the Ascalon Foothills entrance. Once you pick up Elsa and her companions, simply run back the way you came. The Dwarves will run up a path towards where you are, but if you run without stopping, they won't reach you before you're past.

If you kill everyone in the area before going to pick up Elsa and companions you can then easily escort them back.