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Siege Devourer
Siege Devourer.JPG
Species: Devourer
Profession: -icon.png
Level(s): 20
Grothmar Wardowns Devourer.JPG
Grothmar Wardowns
Dalada Uplands
Sacnoth Valley Devourer.jpg
Sacnoth Valley


"You are able to mount the Siege Devourer and take control of it. Doing so will replace your skills with those to command the Siege Devourer." Siege Devourers have 1000 health and 25 energy. Your energy regeneration is based on your class and equipment (i.e., a weapon with +15 energy and -1 energy regeneration will not provide the energy bonus, while still reducing your energy regeneration). They are enemies in the bonus mission, Gwen's Story.


Skills used[]

When mounting the Siege Devourer:

While the Devourer is being controlled:

Devourer Siege.jpg

Devourer Siege

Devourer Bite.jpg

Devourer Bite

Siege Devourer Swipe.jpg

Siege Devourer Swipe

Siege Devourer Feast.jpg

Siege Devourer Feast







Dismount Siege Devourer.jpg

Dismount Siege Devourer


  • Despite their impressive size, they can be knocked down.
  • Riding the Siege Devourer reduces your character's Primary Attribute level to 0.
  • Once a hostile Siege Devourer has low health, a Charr Bladestorm will fall out of the basket on top, allowing you to mount.
  • Once the devourer runs out of health you will be forced to leave it. The devourer will then be unusable until you rezone. A good way to prevent the devourer from dying is to dismount it before going into a big battle, then returning to the devourer.
  • The Siege Devourer can be ridden between explorable zones; this makes quests like Fire and Pain quite a bit easier. However, it cannot enter dungeons. If you do enter a dungeon while riding it, you will enter the dungeon without it. Once you leave the dungeon, it will no longer be there.
  • If you are riding the Siege Devourer and then start a mission, it disappears during the mission and re-appears once the mission is completed.
  • Vampiric and Zealous weapons will function normally.
  • If you bring a pet, the pet will remain with you while in the devourer.
  • Stonefist insignia works with Devourer Siege and Swipe.
  • Siege Devourers can dance.
  • In the same manner as the Junundu, each weapon does a set amount of damage that cannot be changed by mods or inscriptions. This is a small chart to illustrate the differences:
Weapon Type Damage notes
Axe/Hammer/Sword 55 Melee
Daggers 40 Melee, doublestrike chance
Scythe 35 Melee, hits multiple foes
Bow 40 Ranged
Staff/Wand 40 Ranged
Spear 55 Ranged
Anomaly.png Anomaly! Upon completing a quest that provides a new skill, you can equip the skill in one of the empty slots of the devourer.