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Location NPC Quest Name
Warrior-icon.png Ranger-icon.png Monk-icon.png Necromancer-icon.png Mesmer-icon.png Elementalist-icon.png
Old Ascalon Ambassador Zain Helping the People of Ascalon "For Great Justice!" Penetrating Attack Mending Vile Touch Energy Tap Lava Font
  Gate Guard Hollis Supplies for the Duke "Watch Yourself!" Called Shot Purge Conditions Weaken Armor Distortion Ice Spikes
Old Ascalon Warmaster Grast Gargoyle Trouble Wild Blow, Sever Artery, Healing Signet, Gash          
" " Military Matters Power Attack, Sprint          
" " Into the Breach Penetrating Blow, Endure Pain          
Piken Square Armsman Pitney Army Life Mighty Blow, Dismember          
Old Ascalon Master Ranger Nente Endangered Species   Hunter's Shot, Charm Animal, Comfort Animal, Troll Unguent        
" " The Charr Patrol   Favorable Winds, Feral Lunge        
" " The Charr Staging Area   Dodge, Quickening Zephyr        
Piken Square Ivor Trueshot Charr Reinforcements   Call of Haste, Distracting Shot        
Old Ascalon Grazden the Protector Protecting Ascalon     Heal Area, Vital Blessing      
" " Sowing Seeds     Heal Party, Bane Signet, Orison of Healing      
" " In Memory of Paulus     Resurrect, Live Vicariously      
Serenity Temple Priestess Rashenna Replacement Healers     Infuse Health, Strength of Honor      
Sardelac Sanitarium Necromancer Munne The Stolen Artifact       Insidious Parasite, Life Siphon, Deathly Swarm, Animate Bone Horror    
" Kasha Blackblood Death in the Ruins       Dark Pact, Mark of Pain    
" " Oberan's Rage       Parasitic Bond, Putrid Explosion    
Piken Square Undertaker Cortis Fallen Soldiers       Soul Feast    
" " Casualty Report       Shadow Strike    
Sardelac Sanitarium Vassar Mesmerizing the Enemy         Power Leak, Conjure Phantasm, Ether Feast, Imagined Burden  
" " Trying Times         Chaos Storm, Mantra of Flame  
" " A Cure for Ralena         Energy Burn, Illusion of Haste  
Serenity Temple Erudine Unnatural Creatures         Diversion  
" " Experimental Elixir         Shatter Hex  
Old Ascalon Elementalist Aziure Elemental Knowledge           Armor of Earth, Frozen Burst
" " Scorched Earth           Ward Against Elements
Old Ascalon Shalev the Hermit Shalev's Task           Eruption, Shard Storm
Serenity Temple Kendrick Redstaff The Geomancer's Test           Magnetic Aura, Earth Attunement
Eastern Frontier Cynn Caravan in Trouble Hamstring Lightning Reflexes Smite Shadow of Fear Phantom Pain Fireball

Note: these quests are avaible only to Tyrian characters.