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Prophecies Campaign[]

Note: Any skills that are not available as quest rewards are listed in bold.

Trainer Warrior Ranger Monk Necromancer Mesmer Elementalist
Warrior-icon.png Ranger-icon.png Monk-icon.png Necromancer-icon.png Mesmer-icon.png Elementalist-icon.png
Sir Bertran at
Ascalon City (Post-Searing)
Cyclone Axe, Executioner's Strike, Frenzy, Gash, Hammer Bash, Healing Signet, Sever Artery Charm Animal, Comfort Animal, Dual Shot, Ignite Arrows, Point Blank Shot, Power Shot, Read the Wind, Troll Unguent Bane Signet, Banish, Guardian, Healing Breeze, Orison of Healing, Retribution, Reversal of Fortune, Shielding Hands, Symbol of Wrath Animate Bone Horror, Blood Renewal, Deathly Swarm, Faintheartedness, Life Siphon, Soul Barbs, Vampiric Gaze, Vampiric Touch Backfire, Conjure Phantasm, Empathy, Ether Feast, Imagined Burden, Shatter Delusions Aura of Restoration, Blinding Flash, Fire Storm, Flare, Glyph of Lesser Energy, Lightning Javelin
Common skills: Resurrection Signet
Note: All of these skills (except Guardian) are available as quest rewards either in Pre-Searing or in the Post-Searing Ascalon area for a character's primary profession. Some of these skills will have to be bought here for a character's secondary profession.
Taltosh at Grendich Courthouse Disrupting Chop, Wary Stance Kindle Arrows, Predator's Pounce Judge's Insight, Restore Life Enfeebling Blood Epidemic, Physical Resistance Enervating Charge, Immolate, Phoenix
Captain Osric at
Yak's Bend
"For Great Justice!", "Watch Yourself!", Dismember, Endure Pain, Hamstring, Mighty Blow, Penetrating Blow, Power Attack, Sprint, Wild Blow Call of Haste, Called Shot, Distracting Shot, Dodge, Favorable Winds, Feral Lunge, Hunter's Shot, Lightning Reflexes, Penetrating Attack, Quickening Zephyr Heal Area, Heal Party, Infuse Health, Live Vicariously, Mending, Purge Conditions, Resurrect, Smite, Strength of Honor, Vital Blessing Dark Pact, Insidious Parasite, Mark of Pain, Parasitic Bond, Putrid Explosion, Shadow Strike, Shadow of Fear, Soul Feast, Vile Touch, Weaken Armor Chaos Storm, Distortion, Diversion, Energy Burn, Energy Tap, Illusion of Haste, Mantra of Flame, Phantom Pain, Power Leak, Shatter Hex Armor of Earth, Earth Attunement, Eruption, Fireball, Frozen Burst, Ice Spikes, Lava Font, Magnetic Aura, Shard Storm, Ward Against Elements
Also offers skills covered by the previous trainer (Taltosh).
Marna at
Ice Tooth Cave
Distracting Blow, Dolyak Signet Melandru's Assault, Revive Animal Holy Strike, Succor Mark of Subversion Drain Enchantment Blurred Vision, Stoning
Firstwatch Sergio
at Lion's Arch
Bonetti's Defense, Flurry, Irresistible Blow, Protector's Strike, Seeking Blade, Swift Chop Call of Protection, Debilitating Shot, Pin Down, Serpent's Quickness, Whirling Defense, Winter Balthazar's Spirit, Divine Boon, Divine Spirit, Pacifism, Remove Hex, Vigorous Spirit Defile Flesh, Necrotic Traversal, Rotting Flesh, Strip Enchantment, Suffering, Well of Blood Channeling, Fragility, Inspired Hex, Mantra of Frost, Power Spike, Shatter Enchantment Conjure Flame, Ice Prison, Ice Spear, Lightning Strike, Ward Against Foes, Whirlwind
Also offers skills covered by the previous trainer (Marna).
Captain Greywind
at Ascalon Settlement
"I Will Avenge You!", Desperation Blow Apply Poison, Healing Spring Holy Wrath, Signet of Devotion Plague Sending, Taste of Death Mantra of Concentration, Shame Armor of Mist, Meteor Shower, Ward Against Melee
Ephaz at
Belly Smash, Galrath Slash (none) Essence Bond, Life Bond Malign Intervention, Rigor Mortis, Touch of Agony Arcane Echo, Cry of Frustration Armor of Frost, Lightning Touch
Sorim at
Quarrel Falls
Axe Twist, Counter Blow, Final Thrust, Griffon's Sweep, Staggering Blow Bestial Pounce, Determined Shot, Otyugh's Cry, Throw Dirt Dwayna's Kiss, Heal Other, Holy Veil, Life Attunement, Mend Ailment Blood Ritual, Blood of the Master, Dark Aura, Enfeeble, Plague Touch Illusion of Weakness, Inspired Enchantment, Leech Signet, Wastrel's Worry Gale, Grasping Earth, Inferno, Lightning Orb, Water Attunement
Common skills: Signet of Capture
Master Scout Kiera
at Henge of Denravi
Offers skills covered by the previous 3 trainers (Captain Greywind, Ephaz, and Sorim).
Avena at Maguuma Stade Disciplined Stance, Heavy Blow Maiming Strike, Scavenger Strike Protective Bond, Watchful Spirit Deathly Chill, Unholy Feast Arcane Mimicry, Power Drain Chain Lightning, Crystal Wave, Maelstrom
Mazzim at Fisherman's Haven Deadly Riposte, Thrill of Victory Brutal Strike, Fertile Season Aegis, Purge Signet Awaken the Blood, Spinal Shivers Signet of Humility, Sympathetic Visage Kinetic Armor, Shock
Tengsao at The Amnoon Oasis "I Will Survive!", Axe Rake, Crushing Blow, Pure Strike, Shield Stance Antidote Signet, Barbed Trap, Predatory Season, Savage Shot, Storm Chaser Contemplation of Purity, Healing Seed, Protective Spirit, Rebirth, Smite Hex Barbed Signet, Dark Bond, Death Nova, Rend Enchantments, Well of Suffering Arcane Thievery, Ethereal Burden, Hex Breaker, Spirit Shackles, Spirit of Failure Air Attunement, Conjure Frost, Iron Mist, Meteor, Stone Daggers
Also offers skills covered by the previous 2 trainers (Avena and Mazzim).
Bartoch at Droknar's Forge "Fear Me!", "Shields Up!", "To the Limit!", Balanced Stance, Bull's Strike, Defensive Stance, Savage Slash, Shield Bash Choking Gas, Concussion Shot, Dust Trap, Edge of Extinction, Flame Trap, Precision Shot, Tiger's Fury, Winnowing Balthazar's Aura, Blessed Aura, Blessed Signet, Healing Touch, Mend Condition, Scourge Healing, Vengeance, Zealot's Fire Animate Bone Fiend, Animate Bone Minions, Chilblains, Demonic Flesh, Malaise, Price of Failure, Signet of Agony, Well of the Profane Arcane Conundrum, Blackout, Elemental Resistance, Ether Lord, Guilt, Mantra of Earth, Mantra of Persistence, Mind Wrack Deep Freeze, Earthquake, Fire Attunement, Flame Burst, Incendiary Bonds, Obsidian Flame, Swirling Aura, Windborne Speed
Thengen at Port Sledge Berserker Stance, Deflect Arrows Disrupting Lunge, Energizing Wind Divine Healing Infuse Condition, Order of Pain Ignorance, Mantra of Lightning Glyph of Elemental Power, Rust
Steig at Camp Rankor (none) Nature's Renewal, Symbiotic Bond Convert Hexes Barbs, Consume Corpse Mantra of Inscriptions, Signet of Weariness Conjure Lightning, Glyph of Concentration, Glyph of Sacrifice
Gammel at Copperhammer Mines Riposte, Rush Muddy Terrain, Primal Echoes Divine Intervention, Draw Conditions, Scourge Sacrifice Verata's Aura, Verata's Gaze, Verata's Sacrifice Clumsiness, Mantra of Signets Mark of Rodgort, Searing Heat
Harnil at Marhan's Grotto Crude Swing, Warrior's Cunning Dryder's Defenses, Frozen Soil, Symbiosis Light of Dwayna Dark Fury, Desecrate Enchantments Mantra of Resolve, Soothing Images Aftershock, Rodgort's Invocation
Dakk at Ember Light Camp Offers all non-elite core and Prophecies skills.