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Every skill has an associated skill type. Types are arranged in a tree structure where each type can be considered a sub-type of its parent. For example, Clumsiness will affect "attacks" as well as any type under "attacks." Something that affects "skills" will affect everything as "skill" is the root of the entire skill type tree. Conversely, if something affects any other, more specific type, then it will not affect a skill of type "skill."


  • Skill: The most basic skill type. Provides various effects.
    • Attack: Skills that use a weapon (or pet) as a medium for damage.
    • Chant: Provides positive effects that trigger on various circumstances.
    • Echo: Provides a positive effect which generally triggers or refreshes when a chant or shout ends.
    • Form: Transforms the user and provides various effects.
    • Glyph: Affects the next spell or spells you cast.
    • Preparation: Enhances your attacks.
    • Ritual: Creates a spirit.
    • Shout: Usually provides a positive effect on allies in earshot, sometimes specific targets or foes in range.
    • Signet: Has no energy cost but usually has a long casting time and/or recharge time.
    • Spell: Various effects.
      • Enchantment Spell: Provides positive effects.
      • Hex Spell: Provides negative effects.
      • Item Spell: Creates an item to hold which has effects when held or dropped.
      • Ward Spell: Creates a defensive area effect.
      • Weapon Spell: Provides positive effects which cannot be removed by foes.
      • Well Spell: Exploits a corpse to create a temporary area effect.
    • Stance: Provides positive effects for the user.
    • Trap: Provides an area effect usually triggered by enemy presence.


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Elite skills[]

Skills can also be classified as an elite skill. Every skill is either elite or non-elite in addition to its normal type. A player may normally have only one elite skill equipped at a time. Some skills such as Arcane Mimicry and Price of Pride only interact with elite skills.

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