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  1. Find the skree harpy nests on the Cliffs of Dohjok and destroy the skree hatchling. You have destroyed 0...26 of 26 hatchlings so far.
  2. See Mofuun for your reward.

Obtained from

Mofuun in Champion's Dawn


Nightfall Character
Leaving a Legacy



"I'm glad you're here, <name>. I've got a problem that no one but a Sunspear can solve! I am busy creating some of the finest monuments the world has ever seen, but a dark stain hangs over my head. Those gods-be-cursed skree harpies perch on my monuments and then... they deface them! It's horrible. I stay up nights worrying about it. Harpy hatchling season has begun and I fear the devastation a new batch of skree harpies will wreak. I would be eternally grateful if you could find the harpy nests and destroy the skree hatchlings before they become full-grown, monument-defacing monsters."
Accept: "We can't have our monuments defaced, now can we?"
Reject: "I think the harpies give the monuments a nice... um... "weathered" look."

Reward Dialogue

"So my monuments will be safe in the future? Thank you, friend. You could give me no greater gift in this world. I'm sorry I can offer you only this humble reward for your services. May the flame of the Sunspears burn eternally as a light of hope to all the peoples of Elona! Thank you again."


Travel to the Cliffs of Dohjok from Champion's Dawn. Head a little south-west and you'll see a large group of skree harpy hatchlings. All of them are only level 2 and are easy kills at this point. But as you are slaughtering the hatchlings, watch out for at least 3 pairs of Harpy Mothers, which are level 11 to 13. They appear at 3 different locations around the quest marker a pair at a time as you kill the hatchlings. The quest is complete once you've reached your kill quota.


  • It is strongly advised to take the Harpy Bounty from one of the Sunspear Scouts in the area. Although it's out of the way, the number of Harpies killed during this quest make it more than worthwhile. The Harpy scout can be found at the stone quarry on the southern beach.
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