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Slavers' Exile
Slavers' Exile.jpg
Campaign Eye of the North
Region Depths of Tyria
Levels 5
Dungeon quest The Last Hierophant
Reward chest Chest of the Slaver
Hierophant's Chest
Map area n/a
Neighbors Duncan the Black (Dungeon)
Forgewight (Dungeon)
Justiciar Thommis (Dungeon)
Selvetarm (Dungeon)
Verdant Cascades
Services Weaponsmith
Slavers' Exile map.jpg


Slavers' Exile is the only elite dungeon in Guild Wars Eye of the North. It consists of a neutral starting area where you can acquire the The Last Hierophant quest and craft Destroyer Weapons. The four sub-dungeons located in this area are: Justiciar Thommis (Dungeon), Selvetarm (Dungeon), Forgewight (Dungeon), and Duncan the Black (Dungeon). All must be completed to meet the objectives of the quest, The Last Hierophant; however, since your progress throughout the entire dungeon is tracked in the quest, all sub-dungeons don't need to be completed at the same time. The bosses for the first three dungeons must be defeated before the gate leading to Duncan the Black will open.


The Last Hierophant obtained from Veth the Storyteller



Explorable Areas[]




  • Skelk
    • AssassinWretched Wolf - Note that this one is a dueling partner of the Norn Captain and cannot be killed as he will turn non-hostile when his health is lowered far enough or when the Norn Captain is dead.


Each sub-dungeon is a distinct dungeon that presents its own unique challenges. After defeating each boss in one of the sub-dungeons, a Chest of the Slaver reward chest will spawn. Each of these chest will drop either a gold weapon, an Onyx Gemstone, or a Diamond. The final chest that spawns after defeating Duncan the Black, the Hierophant's Chest, will drop three items for each player, one of which is a Deldrimor Armor Remnant, and the other two are either a gold weapon, a Unique item, an Onyx Gemstone, or a Diamond. Details of the Unique items which can be obtained from the Hierophant's Chest are listed in Duncan the Black (Dungeon).

Justiciar Thommis (dungeon)[]

This sub-dungeon contains Modniir, Stone Summit, and Wretched Wolves.

Boss-Like Creature

Selvetarm (dungeon)[]

This sub-dungeon contains Undead, Stone Summit, and Restless Dead.

Boss-Like Creature

Forgewight (dungeon)[]

This sub-dungeon contains Elementals, Enchanted, Forge Imps, and Stone Summit.


Boss-Like Creature

Duncan the Black (dungeon)[]

This sub-dungeon contains Restless Dead and Stone Summit.

Boss-Like Creature

Sub-Dungeon rewards[]


  • To enter the Slavers' Exile, at least one person in your party must have completed A Time for Heroes on that character. The entrance is located in the southeastern corner of Verdant Cascades
  • Everyone in your party must have defeated all other bosses before entering the final dungeon of Duncan the Black. This must be done each time you wish to face Duncan.
  • In the dungeon levels linked to Justiciar Thommis, Rand Stormweaver, Selvetarm, and Forgewight random ritualist spirits will spawn as you progress throughout the dungeon. This includes Disenchantment, Pain, Recuperation, and Shadowsong. These spirits will respawn after a set period of time if killed, but at the exact location at which they were killed. Therefore, if you teleport a spirit to a location that is out of your party's range, the spirit will not bother you, even if it was killed and respawns.
  • The same ritualist spirits also spawn in 2 groups of 7 or 8 upon entering the aggro radius of the final boss, Duncan the Black. These spirits respawn considerably faster than those located in the other dungeon areas.

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