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  1. Destroy the Shadow Overlords. You have 4...0 Shadow Overlords left.
  2. Return to Miko the Unchained for your reward.

Obtained from

Miko the Unchained in The Fissure of Woe



"You are the one who has been inflicting such casualties to the Shadow Army, aren't you? Listen to me: This "forest" provides foul materials that the shadow smiths use in forging weapons for the armies of the Lord of Destruction. The labor is all carried out by slaves. Soon they and their masters will appear. You can strike a crippling blow to Menzies and the Shadow Army by destroying the Shadow Overlords and allowing the slaves to escape."
Accept: "I will help your friends."
Reject: "I have no time for this."

Reward Dialogue

"Now that we are free, we shall seek the judgment of Grenth. May he consider how we suffered here before choosing our fate in the Underworld."


From Miko, head north-east into the Burning Forest. Once there, use careful luring to clear out the entrance area. In general each group in the forest is comprised of two Mahgo Hydras, two Ancient Skales and one Smoke Walker. They move at different speeds so it may appear they are different patrols, but they are all connected. As such, when luring a group, it is best to just strike one creature, then pull back and see exactly how big the patrol is.

Take out the Smoke Walkers first or the Mahgo Hydras, as you see fit. The Skales are very resilient with the use of Grenth's Balance and Life Transfer, so keep them until last.

Hug the right wall (or the left) and head north-east. Lure any patrols potentially blocking your way and be pateint. The Walkers and the Hydras can cover great distances at speed, so always keep an eye out for fast approaching patrols.

When you reach the north-eastern corner, you will see a windmill and in front of it, there will be four groups of Shadow Army units (forming a diamond) and an Enslaved Hero NPC standing between them. Each group will comprise of one of the abovementioned Shadow Overlords, a Shadow Mesmer and a Shadow Ranger. Lure each group carefully and take it out. They should pose less of a challenge than the patrols your party had to clear to get there.

After killing all four groups, return to Miko for your reward using the same path you came in via.