Snare (terminology)

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Disambiguous.png This article is about the general term "snare". For the skill of the same name, see Snare.

A snare is an effect that slows movement speed; in other words, a movement debuff. "To snare" means to slow a target's movement speed. Most snares are skills, particularly hexes which directly reduce movement speed or skills that inflict cripple. There are also environmental effects that snare, such as icy ground or quicksand. Knocking down a foe could also be considered "snaring", but only for a very short amount of time, and not near as effective as cripple or hexes.

The skills with the highest snare ability in the game (against a single foe) are the Elementalist spells Icy Shackles, Mind Freeze, and Iron Mist and the Ritualist spell Binding Chains with a 90% reduction in movement speed.